Tuesday, 18 September 2007

At the exhibition

Have spent the past 3 days at the London Fashion Week exhibition at the National History Museum. Loads of great people watching to be done and loads of stylish women to admire and to get inspiration from.

As I was walking past the Fashion East section I noticed two familiar fashion faces - Agyness Dean and Henry Holland. I have to admit that neither are people I find particularly inspiring on the fashion stakes, I would like to give them both a good bath. The whole Boombox thing is so not my scene. And dont even get me started on the Henry Holland t shirts! I am SO bored of them and the whole idea is so absurd that I honestly dont understand what all the fuss is about.
His SS08 "collection" (you cant even call it a collection, there are like 5 styles) of t shirts are all in that disgusting 80's heat sensitive material with camouflage print.
I will give him another season or so on the scene and then he is all but a memory. Watch this space.

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