Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Call the fashion police!

What the hell is that thing on her head???
Its like she woke up this morning and couldn't decide whether she was channeling the police man from Village People, the local baker boy or gestapo!
Oh, and someone should tell her that those sunglasses make her nose look even bigger! Oink!

I do love her jacket but there is no effort put in to it. So this proves that money certainly can not buy good taste or style. The most ironic thing is that she has (as you know) written a book about style - "That extra half an inch". I think the book is merely an excuse for her to show off her wealth and her aspiration to be a style icon, which she is so desperately trying to portray herself as.
People are born with style, this is not something you can create. And dont even get me started on the whole Kate Moss for TopShop collection! What a con! These poor girls buy in to the idea that they too will look like KM or somehow be part of her lifestyle. How sad.
Kate Moss is unique because she has incredible style. I always respected her and admired her for that but now she has sold her soul to the devil and is not only launching the TS collection, but she has also launched her own fragrance!! Shouldn't someone tell this woman that enough is enough. God forbid, soon she will be giving interviews...

Anyway, back to Miss Piggy. I mean, Victoria Beckham. Sure she looks great in her Giambattista Valli and Herve Leger's but it's not exactly much thought put in to it. And why does she look like she is on her way to some sort of a party all the time? Does she really wear 10 inch heels at home and body con dresses. Doesn't seem very practical when you have three monsters at home.
I wish someone would just do a Clueless on her and give her a total makeover! Now how about THAT for a tv show!?

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