Friday, 21 September 2007

Lagerfeld Confidential

So yesterday was another busy day at London Fashion Week.
I went to the preview screening of "Lagerfeld Confidential", the feature documentary about Karl Lagerfeld, one of our most iconic figures within the fashion industry.
I have been looking forward to this for months so I was naturally hoping that it would live up to my high expectations. And it did! It was brilliant!
The director, Rodolphe Marconi, followed KL for two years producing over 200 hours of intimate footage. With unprecedented access to KL's private and professional worlds, we follow him from designing in private (using TipEx, coloured felt tips and make up!) to a photo shoot with Nicole Kidman, to relaxing with friends in the country side or presenting his collections on the catwalk.

Here is a short synopsis from the press release:

"Marconi reveals Lagerfeld's hidden side: an intellectual insomniac with a thirst for literature, films and paintings; a fan of Art Deco and contemporary art; a lover pf aesthetics in the extreme as well as luxury. He also presents Lagerfeld's considerate side: when he is away, he never forgets to send chocolates to his assistants every Monday morning. After each fashion show, he invites all of his employees to "help them selves" so that they all leave with a bag, shoes or a jacket.
With the complicity of Mr Lagerfeld, Marconi also discovers the personal history that has remained in the shadows: an obscure childhood, his nightlife in the 80's at 7 and the Palace, the anger upon hearing that Yves Saint Laurent had been chosen for Dior and his rapid climb to the top. We also discover an unyielding character with an unfortunate penchant for tyranny as well as an almost pathological need to laugh, make jokes, make people laugh and surprise.
Last of all, we discover the deeply moving moments in the life of a loner who was hurt by the death of the person shared his life for many years - yet who has no time for nostalgia: "If it was really better in the old days, you might as well kill yourself right now."

I urge everyone to see this film as it is truly fascinating and inspiring. Furthermore, you get to see what his home looks like and it is like a castle! My favourite part was the note in the toilet saying "Pissing everywhere is not very Chanel"! Hilarious!

"Lagerfeld Confidential" is out October 26.

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