Sunday, 16 September 2007


So, its 08.42 on a Sunday morning and whilst most of you are sleeping I am on my way down to the National History Museum for London Fashion Week which started yesterday!
I was there on Friday afternoon setting things up and the place was nowhere near finished!

I am very excited about it though and I feel a little butterfly in my stomach which is always a good sign!
I will be working there all day and then at 6pm I am off to my first fashion week party - the Diane von Furstenberg store launch! She is opening a new shop on Bruton Street which is a fantastic location and I know she is particularly fond of Mayfair anyway.
I can only stay there for 30 minutes and then I have to rush off to Holland Park for the official Moet & Chandon/London Fashion Week 10th anniversary party! It is held at the Opera House in the park which sounds amazing. Giles Deacon is apparently DJ:ing and they have also promised a "spectacle". Cant wait to find out what that is!!

Til then!xx

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