Monday, 17 September 2007

Diane von Furstenberg Store Launch

Diane von Furstenberg and Tom Chapman (owner of Matches) invited me to celebrate the launch of the new DvF shop on Bruton Street.
I was very excited about this launch as I love her products and Bruton Street is one of the best places she could have chosen for the new store - I know how much she loves Mayfair.

We (me and my entourage) arrived at 6.30 and the place was packed already! At the door I spotted the lady herself and she looked absolutely fantastic in a purple dress and the highest black velvet Louboutins I have ever seen! She looked better than most women in there actually, myself included.
Did some celeb spotting as well, Erin O'Connor, Stuart Rose, Daphne Guinness, Lulu Guiness to name but a few.
They had a live music performance playing Buena Vista Social Club, it was perfect. Champagne was generously handed out and their Rose petal vodka cocktails were gorgeous!
I was instantly drawn to the back of the shop where they have set up a special jewellery counter which DvF has produced together with H.Stern. Apparently the story goes, that back in the 70's when Diane was not as well known she was turned down by H.Stern who refused to collaborate with her on the basis that she was not famous enough!
Beautiful cobuchon rings, which she calls "Power rings", in golds, diamond or gemstones lured me to take a closer look but the frightening price tag of £3500 made me a little scared. So I decided to have another glass of champagne.

As we were on a tight schedule (you know how it is, so many parties so little time) we only stayed for 30 mins before we were due at the Moet Mirage party in Holland Park.
But I didnt leave without taking a picture of the great Diane and she was more than happy to oblige - what a true professional!

As we were leaving we were handed some lovely goodie bags with a t shirt and a DvF lipstick in it! Perfect!
Outside my loyal cabbie Duane was waiting to take us tipsy ladies to our next venture!

The new Diane von Furstenberg shop is on 25 Bruton Street, London W1

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