Sunday, 30 September 2007

Dinner party

Who would you like to have as your dream guests at a dinner party?
Here is a list of mine and as you can see they make quite an interesting mix (for completely different purposes). Not sure how it would go down in real life...

1. Diana Vreeland (she would literally be the life and soul of the party)
2. Anna Wintour (I want to know what she is really like)
3. Ashley Olsen (I would just stare at her all night. She is pure decoration, maybe she can be my center piece?!)
4. Justin Timberlake (he would provide the, ahem, "entertainment")
5. Kate Moss (cant think of a good reason but I am sure there is one)
6. Larry David ('cause he is so damn funny)
7. Sam Rockwell (another guy to provide me with some entertainment.Not necessarily at the same time)
8. Carine Roitfeld (she is so cool)
9. Gordon Ramsay (he would cook the food AND he seems like a good laugh)
10. Karl Lagerfeld (OF COURSE!)

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