Monday, 17 September 2007

Moet Mirage Party

Moet & Chandon, Hilary Riva and Stuart Rose invited me to attend their "Moet Mirage" party held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Moet & Chandon at London Fashion Week.
The event was held at the Holland Park Opera House which is a beautiful location.

Me and my dear friend S arrived just after 7pm and as we walked up the red carpet we were greeted by a huge crowd of paparazzis. Needless to say they werent the slightest interested in us, they were after Jamelia who was right behind us! So we rushed inside to avoid further embarrasment.
Inside, we were greeted by waiters dressed in 17th century Marie Antoinette costumes. They were handing out Swarowski studded champagne flutes filled with (drumroll) Moet & Chandon!
Inside the Opera House the walls, floor and furnishings were all dressed in black velvet! In front of us was the longest table I have ever seen laid out with endless bottles and flutes of Moet.
Behind was the DJ area which was dressed entirely in fruit (!!) and Magnum sized Moet bottles.
On each side of the DJ booth were swings - tres Marie Antoinette!

Outside (at the back) there was a carousel, a spit roast, candy floss area, crepe stand and the biggest table of fresh fruit, patisseries and LaDuree macaroons (yey!)! So decadent!
We headed straight for the carousel naturally and were joined by the Rodnik boys and Peaches Geldof. I havent had this much fun since I was about 18!
At 7.43 pm they had promised us a "spectacle" so all guests were invited to go to the front of the Opera House. Leading us outside was no other than Naomi Campbell (who was hanging with Piers Morgan for much of the evening) and she took to the front posing for the paps like the pro she is.
Now, if you see these pictures published you may see two very pale faces in the background giggling - that will be me and S! I dont know how it happened, but we ended up RIGHT behind her!
The spectacle turned out to be a balloon light installation which was very cool. The guests had prime location in a "secured" area away from the civilians. We got a bit bored after 2 minutes so we headed back in to the party for more food and carousel riding.

Giles Deacon was spinning the decks (is that what you say? I was trying to sound cool) and famous faces like Agyness Dean, Alexandra Schulman, Alice Temperley, Will Young to name but a few were all nodding their heads approvingly.
I have to say it again, but this was the BEST party I have ever been to. Such a success and something I will remember for the rest of my life!
Only downside was that I had WAY too much champagne but what can you do when they keep topping it up? Its a hard life but someone has to do it, eh?!

Duane picked us girls up again at 11pm and I am sure he found it very amusing having two punch drunk fashionistas in the back of his cab!

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