Monday, 19 November 2007

Bond Street Christmas Lights

I love getting in to the mood for Christmas and I always look forward to my Christmas shopping.
I usually don't do my shopping until the second weekend of December as I like to savour it for a bit.
I always head to Fortnum & Mason, Harrods and Bond Street to get inspired and to pick up teas, decorations and gifts for my loved ones. Then I always finish the day with some tea at The Wolseley.

This week I will be heading down to Bond Street to watch Sophie Dahl turn on the Christmas lights and to enjoy the late night shopping they have - for once!
This is what the invite says:

"Sophie Dahl will become the most recent 'Bond Girl' and 'flick the switch' to switch on the stunning Christmas lights for Bond Noël. At 6.00pm on Thursday 22nd November 2007, on the corner of Burlington Gardens and Old Bond Street.

Closed to traffic, Bond Noël runs from 5-8pm. A perfect wintery setting- snow will be falling along Bond Street. Reindeer, carol singers, choir singers, entertainers and musicians will provide the entertainment for this spectacular Christmas event, while rickshaw sleighs whisk shoppers to and from their favourite designer stores. There will also be a chance to win over £10,000 worth of exclusive prizes in a Tombola for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity."

Hope to see you there!x


Matches held their 10 year anniversary party last week at their Richmond store, so I thought I'd pop in with Sylvia seeing as we usually go to the Notting Hill branch. Its always nice with a change.
The invite promised luxury canapes, champagne and amazing goodie bags which made it sound even more promising!
Got there about 30 mins after it started and the place was packed already! We had a little browse but to my disappointment the selection was exactly the same as the one on Ledbury Road. Yawn.
So we decided to grab a Bellini and wait for the canapes to arrive. Boy, what a disappointment.
If Matches idea of "luxury canapes" is a dried crispbread with some tasteless chopped tomatoes on top, then they have not lived. Clearly.
Second disappointment came from the so called goodie bags. We were given a small bottle of Cowshed bath oil. Now, I don't mean to sound like a snob but could they not have been a little more adventurous?!
We left in a huff and headed straight to McDonalds. At least there you know what you can expect.
On a positive note, I am really looking forward to the new Matches branch opening this month on Marylebone High Street!

Monday, 12 November 2007

Evian by Christian Lacroix

Apart from Fiji water, Evian is my bottled water favourite. It has low natrium/sodium, tastes great and I like the packaging (especially the glass bottles).
And now there is an even better reason to enjoy it - Christian Lacroix has teamed up with Evian to create a limited edition bottle!
The bottle will be available from November in high end grocery stores. None have been specified for the UK, but my guess is Selfridges, Whole Foods and Harrods a.o.

How very every day luxury!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Designer Clothes For Sale!!

Yup, I have spent the last four hours listing LOADS of my stuff on Ebay!
I am selling Chanel ankle boots, Chloe bag, Paul Smith weekend bag, Chloe jumpers, DvF wrap dress, Chanel brooch and loads more.
Keep checking back this week as I will list even more stuff tomorrow!!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

New purchase - The Row

I have been on the look out for the perfect t shirt for quite some time now, and last weekend I finally found it in Harvey Nichols! Its from The Row, Ashley and Mary Kate Olsens fashion line. And no, I promise I didnt buy it just because its an Olsen item!!
Its absolutely perfect, light super soft cotton, perfect neckline and perfect length! Only downside was that it was very expensive - £150!!
I am also lusting after the long cashmere cardigan they did but opted for an Alexander McQueen one instead as it was a better colour.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Perfect afternoon pit stop!

A couple of weekends ago, my dear friend Sylvia and I were out shopping in Mayfair. It was an incredibly warm autumn day in London and walking up and down Bond Street worked up a real sweat! Where could we possibly go to have a nice cold Coca Cola and a sit down without having to fight our way through screaming kids and Hubba Bubba chewing teenagers?
Well, Claridges of course! We headed in to the bar area and it was like an oasis - such calm and nice friendly people.
We sat down and had a whole sofa to our selves! We ordered what seemed like the best tasting Coca Cola we had ever had and it was accompanied by some yummy nibbles - spicy nuts and parmesan crackers!

Highly recommended!

Style A to Zoe - Buy and Read this!

I must say, that although Rachel Zoe looks like a raisin stuck on a toothpick (ouch), she does have an incredible sense of style and she has managed something that very few people can do and that is to become a style icon in her own rights.
In todays fashion world, to me, there are only a handful of fashion icons out there.
There is only really Kate Moss who has had the same kind of influence on girls/women across the world. Back in the days, we had Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn and so on. I am not sure whether the lack of style icons today is a good or a bad thing. Any thoughts?

Anyway, the book is very inspirational and I was happily surprised by how "realistic" some of her advice are.
Available from Amazon, Selfridges and Waterstones.

My latest purchase!

Bought these beautiful Lulu Guinness slippers last week from Lollipop London. I LOVE them, they are so cute and super stylish. Not to mention the lovely satin pouch and pretty box it arrives in!

Friday, 12 October 2007

JC de Castelbajac

Went to the Jean Charles de Castelbajac SS08 show which was held at the Carousel de Louvre.
The show was truly amazing and it had the coolest DJ's playing such great music!
The clothes were beautiful with hints of nautical, safari and roman tones! The sequin dresses towards the end were fantastic, especially the football print and the Smiley print ones!

This is definitely someone who will grow his presence further in the UK although he is already a veteran in the fashion industry. He has such attention to detail and he knows how to dress a real woman!

You can buy JC de Castelbajac from the following shops in the UK:
Labour of Love, Gallery 28, TwoSee, 3 Tribes and YDUK

On the internet:

My daily routine in Paris - a very stylish life!

So everyday, I started with breakfast at LaDuree. Their amazing fruit salad, mini rose macaroons, mini croissants and violet tea. My only company was French Vogue but I couldn't ask for anything better.

In the evening, I would go for a pre dinner drink at Plaza Athenee and have a Bartender. Now, I would like to say that it is a hunky french man but unfortunately it is only a fruit cocktail. But a damn good one too! I would sit outside in the cosy sofas and watch the world go by and I managed to do some celebrity spotting: Jamie Foxx, Kirsten Dunst (who later followed me for dinner at L'Avenue) and Lily Allen.

Afterwards I would go to L'Avenue for dinner. I love it there! Food is great and its great for people watching. I usually have their spicy Penne or the fillet of beef with potato mash. Yum!

My last stop for the day was Plaza Athenee (again) for evening tea in the "salon". This is lovely and the highlight of my day as I really get to relax and enjoy the amazing atmosphere.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Im back!

So I am finally back after 8 days in Paris. I wish I could say it was fabulous and all fun fun fun, but to be honest all I wanted to do since the day I arrived was to go back home to London again!

I arrived last Monday and checked in at my hotel (Hotel Residence Concorde) which was located on Rue Cambon. Amazing location, yes. But the hotel was awful. You cant even call it a hotel, a prison would have been nicer actually. Five flights of stairs (no lift), no lock on the room, dirty sheets and dirty bathroom. Disgusting. I left immediately and checked in to a lovely hotel next door called Hotel Cambon. As I entered, I was greeted by a lovely smell of scented candles (Black Tea scent to be precise) and the rooms were beautifully decorated.

I headed out to Colette where my friend Scott (aka "The Sartorialist") had an exhibition alongside bloggers such as Facehunter. The shop was packed with people and champagne and canapes were nearly impossible to get to! As I was about to leave (I get very moody when I cant eat) I was greeted by the most amazing sight...Karl Lagerfeld himself stood right in front of me! I dont ever get star struck but if you know me and know the obsession I have with Chanel, you know how big of a deal this is to me! WOW! I couldnt help but take a picture...

I left with a big smile and a goodie bag. I must say that the goodie bag was rubbish. It contained a Colette compilation CD (nice) and a Diesel lookbook. Err, hello?! A lookbook!? Clearly someone in the Colette press office had not worked hard enough on that event...tut tut.

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Dinner party

Who would you like to have as your dream guests at a dinner party?
Here is a list of mine and as you can see they make quite an interesting mix (for completely different purposes). Not sure how it would go down in real life...

1. Diana Vreeland (she would literally be the life and soul of the party)
2. Anna Wintour (I want to know what she is really like)
3. Ashley Olsen (I would just stare at her all night. She is pure decoration, maybe she can be my center piece?!)
4. Justin Timberlake (he would provide the, ahem, "entertainment")
5. Kate Moss (cant think of a good reason but I am sure there is one)
6. Larry David ('cause he is so damn funny)
7. Sam Rockwell (another guy to provide me with some entertainment.Not necessarily at the same time)
8. Carine Roitfeld (she is so cool)
9. Gordon Ramsay (he would cook the food AND he seems like a good laugh)
10. Karl Lagerfeld (OF COURSE!)

When in Paris..

So I am off to Paris tomorrow morning for Fashion Week - I really cant wait!
London Fashion Week was great but lets face it, Paris is THE ultimate fashion week! It is home to so many of my favourite designers (Chanel, Givenchy, Balenciaga...) and I am so excited to see what the new collections will be like.
Not to mention all the superstylish people who will walk round the Tuileries in their 10 inch heels making it look like they are wearing trainers! I get so inspired by what other people are wearing, I could sit for hours and just people watch. Probably why I love looking at The Sartorialist's pictures every day! Speaking of which, he is an old aquaintance I met about a year ago when I was interviewing him for Stylebible in New York. We usually meet up in Paris during fashion week so it will be great to see him again. He is so talented.

So, here are a few things I am looking forward to this week:

1. Violet tea and rose macaroons at LaDuree
2. Shopping at Reciproque - my favourite shop in the whole world!
3. Going to Diptyque to stock up on my candles
4. Dinner at L'Avenue on Avenue Montaigne
5. Pressing my nose against the window of Chanel at Rue Cambon
6. Renting a bicycle and cycle around the Eiffel tower (although this time I am sans my husband so don't think I am brave enough to do so...)
7. The Jean Charles de Castelbajac show and after party (which is always THE talk of the town)
8. Lunch at Colette, cuddling with the supercute dog who is always in the cafe

Here is what I am NOT looking forward to:

1. People smoking in restaurants (I am super allergic)
2. My shitty hotel (on a positive note though, its next to Chanel on Rue Cambon)
3. Trying to make myself understood on my pigeon french! Sacre bleu!
4. The taxi queue at Gare du Nord

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Diana Vreeland

Wish I had been around during her time. She is my idol. I could have sat for hours just listening to her stories.

Object of my desire

This Hermes bag has been on my mind for a while but I just can't justify the £540 price tag!
It is called "Silkypop" bag and it looks like a clutch and then you unzip it and voila! out comes a handy shopping bag for all your groceries! How chic!

Things I should know how to do by now and things to do before I am 30

1.Wear matching underwear
2.Blow dry my own hair
3.Walk in heels
4.Wear red lipstick (although I look like a cheap tart whenever I've tried)
5.Buy bras that fit
6.Eat on my own in a restaurant
8.Ask for a payrise
9.Dance with a man elegantly
10.Have a pension
11.Get a driving license
12.Drink a Martini at a NY jazz club (dont know why, it just seems like a fabulous thing to do)
13.Learn french - again
14.Start ballet classes - again
15.Roadtrip in the US

"These are a few of my favourite things..."

1.Rose macaroons and violet tea from LaDuree
2.Diptyque "Quince" candle
3.Hermes scented drawer linings
4.Cherry Blossom trees
5.Audrey Hepburn
6."Breakfast at Tiffanys" (obviously)
7.Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream and Lip Balm
8.Charbonnel & Walker Rose and Violet creams
9.Early breakfasts at The Wolseley
10.New York
11.Ostermalms Saluhall in Stockholm, the most amazing old fashioned food hall.
12.Diana Vreeland. Her book "DV" is so inspirational
13.Brunch at Florent in New York
15.Listening to french Jazz station TSF Jazz
16.A big bowl of penne at Osteria Basilico in Notting Hill
17.Nobu Berkeley
18.The film "Ed Wood"
20.My grandmothers sausage soup and beetroot salad
21.Afternoon tea
22."Midsumer Murders" (yes, really)
23.Swedish Dill crisps (you can buy these at Ikea)
25.Stargazer lilies and white roses
26.Reading New York Sunday Times
27.Edith Piaf
29.The smell of Tony (my cat!)
30.My husband of course

Hot bags

These two bags were the hottest arm candy during New York and London Fashion Week. Ironically, they are worlds apart in terms of price.

Its quite refreshing actually to see a Goyard bag, as although Goyard is a pure luxury brand (even more expensive than say Hermes) it does not have the same brand presence as its peers.

As for the Marc Jacobs bag, this was EVERYWHERE in London! I love the oversized patent quilted version, its amazing. And believe it or not, it is from the cheap Marc by Marc Jacobs range!
I havent seen it in the MJ London boutique yet so as far as I am aware, you can only get it in New York. However, I am off to Paris on Monday so I will have a snoop and see if it is stocked there!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Call the fashion police!

What the hell is that thing on her head???
Its like she woke up this morning and couldn't decide whether she was channeling the police man from Village People, the local baker boy or gestapo!
Oh, and someone should tell her that those sunglasses make her nose look even bigger! Oink!

I do love her jacket but there is no effort put in to it. So this proves that money certainly can not buy good taste or style. The most ironic thing is that she has (as you know) written a book about style - "That extra half an inch". I think the book is merely an excuse for her to show off her wealth and her aspiration to be a style icon, which she is so desperately trying to portray herself as.
People are born with style, this is not something you can create. And dont even get me started on the whole Kate Moss for TopShop collection! What a con! These poor girls buy in to the idea that they too will look like KM or somehow be part of her lifestyle. How sad.
Kate Moss is unique because she has incredible style. I always respected her and admired her for that but now she has sold her soul to the devil and is not only launching the TS collection, but she has also launched her own fragrance!! Shouldn't someone tell this woman that enough is enough. God forbid, soon she will be giving interviews...

Anyway, back to Miss Piggy. I mean, Victoria Beckham. Sure she looks great in her Giambattista Valli and Herve Leger's but it's not exactly much thought put in to it. And why does she look like she is on her way to some sort of a party all the time? Does she really wear 10 inch heels at home and body con dresses. Doesn't seem very practical when you have three monsters at home.
I wish someone would just do a Clueless on her and give her a total makeover! Now how about THAT for a tv show!?

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Designer clothing for sale!

I have cleared out my wardrobe again and listed a few items in my little Ebay store.
Items from Chloe, Alaia and Burberry are but a few of the designers listed! Keep checking in as I will be listing new items every weekend!
Best of all - they all start at £4.99!

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Check this out!

My friend Jaja has a very talented husband who is not only a great graphic designer (at least that is what I think he is...) but also sings in a band. This clip is taken from one of their performances in Oslo this summer. I thought it was so cool that I had to share it with you!

Friday, 21 September 2007

FrostFrench store launch

So after the Lagerfeld screening I headed north to Islington, Camden Passage to be precise, for the store opening of FrostFrench.
I must admit that I was a little hesitant to their chosen location for a shop. This is not exactly a destination area for shopping as there are mainly antique shops nearby.

The place was packed by the time I got there so I huried my way to the bar for a refreshing glass of Moet (well, I wouldnt want to break the tradition!). Standing right next to me were the designers themself - Sadie Frost is absolutely tiny! They both looked gorgeous and made an effort to speak with all the guests.
The shop is huge (1,000 sq ft) and is beautifully decorated with antique furnitures, wooden floor boards and open fire places. The collection consists of tailored velvet, sequined capes and printed fishnet tops. They have also bought in vintage one off handbags from the popular vintage store in Primrose Hill - Shikasuki on Gloucester Avenue. They worked really well together with the brand although I personally do not think that this was Frost French strongest collection. The fabrics could have been better, they have always been great at using cashmere and creating beautiful tops and dresses so I was missing this from the range.

The goodie bag contained a super cute Frost French t shirt, pot of foot lotion, chocolate, styling products and hand made cards from Shikasuki.

It is definitely a place to visit, simply because the shop is so cute and they have a great idea.
I just hope that it has longevity.

FrostFrench is located on 22-26 Camden Passage, Islington N1

Lagerfeld Confidential

So yesterday was another busy day at London Fashion Week.
I went to the preview screening of "Lagerfeld Confidential", the feature documentary about Karl Lagerfeld, one of our most iconic figures within the fashion industry.
I have been looking forward to this for months so I was naturally hoping that it would live up to my high expectations. And it did! It was brilliant!
The director, Rodolphe Marconi, followed KL for two years producing over 200 hours of intimate footage. With unprecedented access to KL's private and professional worlds, we follow him from designing in private (using TipEx, coloured felt tips and make up!) to a photo shoot with Nicole Kidman, to relaxing with friends in the country side or presenting his collections on the catwalk.

Here is a short synopsis from the press release:

"Marconi reveals Lagerfeld's hidden side: an intellectual insomniac with a thirst for literature, films and paintings; a fan of Art Deco and contemporary art; a lover pf aesthetics in the extreme as well as luxury. He also presents Lagerfeld's considerate side: when he is away, he never forgets to send chocolates to his assistants every Monday morning. After each fashion show, he invites all of his employees to "help them selves" so that they all leave with a bag, shoes or a jacket.
With the complicity of Mr Lagerfeld, Marconi also discovers the personal history that has remained in the shadows: an obscure childhood, his nightlife in the 80's at 7 and the Palace, the anger upon hearing that Yves Saint Laurent had been chosen for Dior and his rapid climb to the top. We also discover an unyielding character with an unfortunate penchant for tyranny as well as an almost pathological need to laugh, make jokes, make people laugh and surprise.
Last of all, we discover the deeply moving moments in the life of a loner who was hurt by the death of the person shared his life for many years - yet who has no time for nostalgia: "If it was really better in the old days, you might as well kill yourself right now."

I urge everyone to see this film as it is truly fascinating and inspiring. Furthermore, you get to see what his home looks like and it is like a castle! My favourite part was the note in the toilet saying "Pissing everywhere is not very Chanel"! Hilarious!

"Lagerfeld Confidential" is out October 26.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Me and Naomi

Haha! Look whose ugly mug is behind Naomi's gorgeous face? ME!!

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

At the exhibition

Have spent the past 3 days at the London Fashion Week exhibition at the National History Museum. Loads of great people watching to be done and loads of stylish women to admire and to get inspiration from.

As I was walking past the Fashion East section I noticed two familiar fashion faces - Agyness Dean and Henry Holland. I have to admit that neither are people I find particularly inspiring on the fashion stakes, I would like to give them both a good bath. The whole Boombox thing is so not my scene. And dont even get me started on the Henry Holland t shirts! I am SO bored of them and the whole idea is so absurd that I honestly dont understand what all the fuss is about.
His SS08 "collection" (you cant even call it a collection, there are like 5 styles) of t shirts are all in that disgusting 80's heat sensitive material with camouflage print.
I will give him another season or so on the scene and then he is all but a memory. Watch this space.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Just found this picture!!

See the girl in the left hand corner? Well, that is my friend S!! Told you we would be in the pictures!

The morning after the night before part deux

Just had to share funny.
As we were leaving the Moet Mirage party last night we helped ourselves to two Magnum bottles each from the DJ area.
Only this morning did I make a great discovery...the bottles are empty! They are just display bottles!!!!

I was gutted.

Moet Mirage Party

Moet & Chandon, Hilary Riva and Stuart Rose invited me to attend their "Moet Mirage" party held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Moet & Chandon at London Fashion Week.
The event was held at the Holland Park Opera House which is a beautiful location.

Me and my dear friend S arrived just after 7pm and as we walked up the red carpet we were greeted by a huge crowd of paparazzis. Needless to say they werent the slightest interested in us, they were after Jamelia who was right behind us! So we rushed inside to avoid further embarrasment.
Inside, we were greeted by waiters dressed in 17th century Marie Antoinette costumes. They were handing out Swarowski studded champagne flutes filled with (drumroll) Moet & Chandon!
Inside the Opera House the walls, floor and furnishings were all dressed in black velvet! In front of us was the longest table I have ever seen laid out with endless bottles and flutes of Moet.
Behind was the DJ area which was dressed entirely in fruit (!!) and Magnum sized Moet bottles.
On each side of the DJ booth were swings - tres Marie Antoinette!

Outside (at the back) there was a carousel, a spit roast, candy floss area, crepe stand and the biggest table of fresh fruit, patisseries and LaDuree macaroons (yey!)! So decadent!
We headed straight for the carousel naturally and were joined by the Rodnik boys and Peaches Geldof. I havent had this much fun since I was about 18!
At 7.43 pm they had promised us a "spectacle" so all guests were invited to go to the front of the Opera House. Leading us outside was no other than Naomi Campbell (who was hanging with Piers Morgan for much of the evening) and she took to the front posing for the paps like the pro she is.
Now, if you see these pictures published you may see two very pale faces in the background giggling - that will be me and S! I dont know how it happened, but we ended up RIGHT behind her!
The spectacle turned out to be a balloon light installation which was very cool. The guests had prime location in a "secured" area away from the civilians. We got a bit bored after 2 minutes so we headed back in to the party for more food and carousel riding.

Giles Deacon was spinning the decks (is that what you say? I was trying to sound cool) and famous faces like Agyness Dean, Alexandra Schulman, Alice Temperley, Will Young to name but a few were all nodding their heads approvingly.
I have to say it again, but this was the BEST party I have ever been to. Such a success and something I will remember for the rest of my life!
Only downside was that I had WAY too much champagne but what can you do when they keep topping it up? Its a hard life but someone has to do it, eh?!

Duane picked us girls up again at 11pm and I am sure he found it very amusing having two punch drunk fashionistas in the back of his cab!

Diane von Furstenberg Store Launch

Diane von Furstenberg and Tom Chapman (owner of Matches) invited me to celebrate the launch of the new DvF shop on Bruton Street.
I was very excited about this launch as I love her products and Bruton Street is one of the best places she could have chosen for the new store - I know how much she loves Mayfair.

We (me and my entourage) arrived at 6.30 and the place was packed already! At the door I spotted the lady herself and she looked absolutely fantastic in a purple dress and the highest black velvet Louboutins I have ever seen! She looked better than most women in there actually, myself included.
Did some celeb spotting as well, Erin O'Connor, Stuart Rose, Daphne Guinness, Lulu Guiness to name but a few.
They had a live music performance playing Buena Vista Social Club, it was perfect. Champagne was generously handed out and their Rose petal vodka cocktails were gorgeous!
I was instantly drawn to the back of the shop where they have set up a special jewellery counter which DvF has produced together with H.Stern. Apparently the story goes, that back in the 70's when Diane was not as well known she was turned down by H.Stern who refused to collaborate with her on the basis that she was not famous enough!
Beautiful cobuchon rings, which she calls "Power rings", in golds, diamond or gemstones lured me to take a closer look but the frightening price tag of £3500 made me a little scared. So I decided to have another glass of champagne.

As we were on a tight schedule (you know how it is, so many parties so little time) we only stayed for 30 mins before we were due at the Moet Mirage party in Holland Park.
But I didnt leave without taking a picture of the great Diane and she was more than happy to oblige - what a true professional!

As we were leaving we were handed some lovely goodie bags with a t shirt and a DvF lipstick in it! Perfect!
Outside my loyal cabbie Duane was waiting to take us tipsy ladies to our next venture!

The new Diane von Furstenberg shop is on 25 Bruton Street, London W1

The morning after the night before

Oh.My.God. I promise, I will never ever drink again. I really mean it. I feel so sick.
See, anyone who knows me has probably just gasped after reading this. I never drink you see.
But what can one do, I had to do my best and represent Stylebible yesterday and surely it would have been rude of me to decline the free flowing Moet?!

God knows I am suffering today though. I lost count after 3 glasses yesterday and that was at 7pm! Kids - please do not try this at home! Definitely not recommended!

So I am now looking forward to a hot shower and early bed.But of course, continue reading for the low down of my amazing start to London Fashion Week!


Sunday, 16 September 2007


So, its 08.42 on a Sunday morning and whilst most of you are sleeping I am on my way down to the National History Museum for London Fashion Week which started yesterday!
I was there on Friday afternoon setting things up and the place was nowhere near finished!

I am very excited about it though and I feel a little butterfly in my stomach which is always a good sign!
I will be working there all day and then at 6pm I am off to my first fashion week party - the Diane von Furstenberg store launch! She is opening a new shop on Bruton Street which is a fantastic location and I know she is particularly fond of Mayfair anyway.
I can only stay there for 30 minutes and then I have to rush off to Holland Park for the official Moet & Chandon/London Fashion Week 10th anniversary party! It is held at the Opera House in the park which sounds amazing. Giles Deacon is apparently DJ:ing and they have also promised a "spectacle". Cant wait to find out what that is!!

Til then!xx

Friday, 14 September 2007

Karl Lagerfeld

My talented friend Jaja drew this brilliant picture of Karl Lagerfeld on my Facebook page!
I just had to share it as I think its hilarious! I am sure Karl would appreciate it too, she has at least managed to knock off 10 years of his face!

Last night

It was my friends birthday yesterday, so I took her out for a surprise meal at our favourite restaurant Nobu Berkeley.
I asked to meet her outside Asprey on Bond Street as its quite near but not near enough for her to figure out where we were going. Anyway, as I arrived I noticed there were about 20 paparazzis outside Asprey! Little did I know, that Kelly Hoppens book launch was being held inside!
The paps were waiting for the likes of Victoria Beckham and Sienna Miller who were both rumoured to attend the party. I walked as fast as I could straight past the entrance as I didnt want to get caught up in a paparazzi frenzy! Literally one minute later a town car pulls up and who comes out if not Sienna Miller! I didnt recognise her at first as she was caked in make up and looked quite trashy (actually thought it was Pamela Anderson first!!). The paparazzis were literally all over each other trying to get her picture, crazy.
They could have taken mine instead, it would have been less hassle for them!

Anyway, my poor friend pulled up in a taxi outside Asprey only to be mobbed by the paps thinking it was someone famous. They were quite disappointed when they realized it was just a "civilian". So we hurried our way to Nobu Berkeley laughing at our 15 seconds of fame. Now I have had a taste of it, I want more. Maybe I should launch my own fashion label seems to easy nowadays eh?!

At Nobu, we ordered their amazing rose & passion fruit cocktail which went down rather quickly. So we ordered another one.
We feasted on edamame, beef, lamb and asparagus kushyaki, tempura and rice. For dessert I had the Fujiyama (white and dark chocolate with green tea mousse and berries) and my friend had the Coffee & Whiskey mousse with Almond ice cream - amazing!! Nobu offers the kind of food that melts in your mouth and you can still taste it days after!
As we were leaving Nobu we were greeted by another five paparazzis who were waiting outside. I am telling ya, they cant get enough of me! I am gonna have to resort to using maxi sunglasses from now on and blonde wigs in order to lead a normal life. Oh, the stress of it all!
On a serious note though, I have no idea who they were waiting for. The mix of the dim lighting, alcohol and me being rather blind anyway made it impossible for me to do some celeb spotting.
I just have to pick up LOOK or Grazia magazine next week to find out!

So we hopped in a cab and went over to Electric House for some drinks with a friend. I love it there, its such a great atmosphere and the food is good. Especially for brunch. They do the yummiest Bubble & Squeak and blueberry pancakes!
Got in at about midnight and was greeted by a rather moody cat who told me off for forgetting to feed him his evening meal. Ooops. He is giving me the silent treatment today so had better make it up to him this weekend. Might get a new toy mouse. It usually works. It will end up under the fridge anyway within a day.

That's it for now. Am having my nails done (in Chanel's Rouge Noir, of course)!

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Film

Got this sent to me yesterday. Its the new Coco Mademoiselle advert/film with Keira Knightley.
As much as I love Chanel and as super excited I am over the fact that it was filmed at Coco Chanel's Paris apartment (at the Ritz), I cant help but to get annoyed at Keira Knightley's constant pouting!
The film is meant to portray a "young" Coco Chanel but I doubt she would be doing as much pouting as Keira! Its like the wind changed or something, as she just cant stop doing it!
I would rather have seen someone like Audrey Tatou in the film, she would have done a stellar job of capturing the elegance and wit that was Coco Chanel.

Anyway, see for yourself.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

London Fashion Week

The countdown has begun for London Fashion Week which starts this weekend! I cant wait!
As the Fashion Editor for Stylebible I will be covering the parties, launches and fashion shows that will be taking place.
I am very excited about the preview of Lagerfeld Confidential which is next Thursday! I dont think that Karl himself will attend but one can only hope!
Speaking of which, I love his A/W 2007 K Karl Lagerfeld collection. It is very androgynous and very black (which my dear friend Jaja would LOVE) but it works. However, I did get a sneak preview of his S/S 2008 collection when I was at the Bread & Butter exhibition in Barcelona and it is actually quite different. More colourful and more feminine than this season! Lets see how it works!
The collection is available at Harrods a.o.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

My new purchases!

I told you I have a thing for Chanel...
The top ones are brand new from this season (Autumn/Winter 2007) and have just hit the shops. They are £415 which I know is a lot of money but they are such classics!
The bottom ones I just bought on Ebay. I have been after them since Spring/Summer 2006 but missed out and I searched high and low until I stumbled across them over the weekend! Yippiee!

So stylish

I absolutely adore this doesnt matter what she wears, she always looks fantastic.
I also love her vintage Fendi bag, its the perfect size and colour. Truly amazing!

Check out the Olsen's advert for their new clothing line "The Row", its so sexy and sophisticated. Row

The Beginning

When I was 14, most of my friends were hanging out at the local youth centre or sitting in cafes smoking cigarettes. Not me, I was at home glued to the television watching CNN’s “Style with Elsa Klensch”. I don’t know what it was about the show but I knew from the start that I wanted to be a part of this world. Elsa Klensch had the most annoying voice (a mix of an American and Australian accent) but she was so passionate about style and fashion that you could almost see her salivating over the poor people she was interviewing. She was a very articulate person and only one person managed to mock her and that was Andre Talle Leon who made fun of her slightly pretentious pronounciation of the word artist.

“Dahling, its not arteee its ar-tist!” he said. She was quiet. For a change.

Elsa would also wear these amazing outfits by Sonia Rykiel, Chanel or Yohji Yamamoto.

Don’t forget, this was in the early 90’s (yes, I am that old) when the glamour of the Supermodel era was at its peak. I would obsess over Helena Christensen and Cindy Crawford and watch them twirl! twirl! twirl! down the runway. Bright coloured Versace dresses were on the covers of magazines and I will never forget the amazing John Galliano bias cut dresses as worn by the likes of Christy Turlington.

For me, the most talented of them all was Jean Paul Gaultier. The way he would mix classic “French” white/blue stripe tops with ethnic influences (think nomads or tribal) was mind blowing! I remember being in awe when I saw Bjork strutting down the catwalk for one of his shows. My mother never understood this world yet she took me to Paris for my 15th birthday and more importantly to the Jean Paul Gaultier boutique! There I bought my very first designer piece – a classic white/blue stripe t shirt.

While most of my friends and classmates would wear GANT or Polo Ralph Lauren (it was de rigeur in my area back in those days) I went straight in for the top end! I realised that this was going to be a classic and it would never go out of style. I was right. I am 29 years old today and I still wear the top!

Since then, I have always shopped with the idea of seeing my purchases as “investment pieces”. I don’t follow trends or fashion and I don’t buy high street (unless they are basics from H&M, like t shirts and jeans).

Coco Chanel once said: “Fashion fades, only style remains the same”.