Friday, 14 September 2007

Last night

It was my friends birthday yesterday, so I took her out for a surprise meal at our favourite restaurant Nobu Berkeley.
I asked to meet her outside Asprey on Bond Street as its quite near but not near enough for her to figure out where we were going. Anyway, as I arrived I noticed there were about 20 paparazzis outside Asprey! Little did I know, that Kelly Hoppens book launch was being held inside!
The paps were waiting for the likes of Victoria Beckham and Sienna Miller who were both rumoured to attend the party. I walked as fast as I could straight past the entrance as I didnt want to get caught up in a paparazzi frenzy! Literally one minute later a town car pulls up and who comes out if not Sienna Miller! I didnt recognise her at first as she was caked in make up and looked quite trashy (actually thought it was Pamela Anderson first!!). The paparazzis were literally all over each other trying to get her picture, crazy.
They could have taken mine instead, it would have been less hassle for them!

Anyway, my poor friend pulled up in a taxi outside Asprey only to be mobbed by the paps thinking it was someone famous. They were quite disappointed when they realized it was just a "civilian". So we hurried our way to Nobu Berkeley laughing at our 15 seconds of fame. Now I have had a taste of it, I want more. Maybe I should launch my own fashion label seems to easy nowadays eh?!

At Nobu, we ordered their amazing rose & passion fruit cocktail which went down rather quickly. So we ordered another one.
We feasted on edamame, beef, lamb and asparagus kushyaki, tempura and rice. For dessert I had the Fujiyama (white and dark chocolate with green tea mousse and berries) and my friend had the Coffee & Whiskey mousse with Almond ice cream - amazing!! Nobu offers the kind of food that melts in your mouth and you can still taste it days after!
As we were leaving Nobu we were greeted by another five paparazzis who were waiting outside. I am telling ya, they cant get enough of me! I am gonna have to resort to using maxi sunglasses from now on and blonde wigs in order to lead a normal life. Oh, the stress of it all!
On a serious note though, I have no idea who they were waiting for. The mix of the dim lighting, alcohol and me being rather blind anyway made it impossible for me to do some celeb spotting.
I just have to pick up LOOK or Grazia magazine next week to find out!

So we hopped in a cab and went over to Electric House for some drinks with a friend. I love it there, its such a great atmosphere and the food is good. Especially for brunch. They do the yummiest Bubble & Squeak and blueberry pancakes!
Got in at about midnight and was greeted by a rather moody cat who told me off for forgetting to feed him his evening meal. Ooops. He is giving me the silent treatment today so had better make it up to him this weekend. Might get a new toy mouse. It usually works. It will end up under the fridge anyway within a day.

That's it for now. Am having my nails done (in Chanel's Rouge Noir, of course)!


Joakim said...

Tjena Therese

Är det fortfarande Eddie eller är det en annan katt?

Kul blogg =)

Therese said...

Nej, Eddie blev adopterad av Magnus men tyvarr sa dog hon tidigare i ar. Min katt heter Tony, varldens tuffaste katt! =)